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COSCUP 2018 Community Choice: the TOP 3!

Last few days, over 200 people joined the COSCUP 2018 Community Choice vote. Now it's time to publish the result:

The 3rd place is Blockchain -- not so surprise huh?  It's pretty hot in these days and we even have two group apply for a Community Room of this topic!

The 2nd place goes to SDN x Cloud Native, a joint Community Room by CNTUG, SDNDS.TW, DigitalOcean Hsinchu, and Golang.TW. This is also one of the most popular tracks in CfP, it's always nice to see people participated in COSCUP.

And finally, the 1st place belongs to an old friend -- Open Source Software Development & Management by Hacking Thursday! Since 2008, H4 successfully established a strong community while maintaining a casual but serious attitude. Amazing work H4!

Congratulations for the top Community Rooms! As we mentioned before, we will have VIP tickets for them and also the voters of these track. Here are the lucky ones:



SDN x Cloud Native


Open Source Software Development & Management

 We will contact you via the email address in the next few days :D

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Only few days left! Submit your talk proposal to the Community Rooms, share your knowledge, now!

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COSCUP 全議程軌資訊! Information about the tracks this year (submit your talk now!)

Here, we list all the tracks (Community Rooms) this year with their detail, so you can check them in one page -- okay, no excuses now, submit your proposal to COSCUP 2018!


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Click here to vote for your favorite community rooms!
議程人氣投稿已經開跑囉~快來幫你喜歡的議程軌投票吧 點我!

GNOME.Asia Summit

GNOME.Asia Summit 2018 invites proposals for presentations at the conference.

GNOME.Asia Summit is the featured annual GNOME conference in Asia. It focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop, but also covers applications and the platform development tools. The summit brings together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a forum for users, developers, foundation leaders, governments and businesses to discuss the present technology and future developments.

The conference will be co-hosted with COSCUP 2018 which will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from 2018-08-11 until 2018-08-12. We welcome proposals by newcomers and experienced speakers alike.

Important Information

  • The deadline:
    • Submission: May 25th , 2018
    • Notification of acceptance: June 5th, 2018
  • Conference:
    • Conference date: Aug 11th - 12th , 2018
    • Venue: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Contributing to GNOME

  • Latest developments
  • Writing applications for GNOME 3
  • UI design
  • QA and testing
  • Accessibility
  • Human Interface Engineering (Icons and Graphic Design)
  • Marketing/Engagement
  • Asia success stories / Local GNOME Projects
  • GNOME and Education
  • FOSS outreach programs, including Google Summer of Code
  • Developing GNOME on mobile devices (smart phones, tablets)
  • Developing GNOME on embedded systems or open hardware

Contributing to Linux and F/LOSS

  • Linux kernel and development
  • The development and promotion of open-source operating systems
  • About Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and other distributions
  • The development and promotion of other open-source projects

Open Source Enlightenment and Related Story

  • The Knowledge and Spirit of Open Source
  • Open Source stories of your own
  • How to optimize the process and improve efficiency with the help of open-source tools
  • How to engage non-technical clightning talksontributors in Open Source Projects
  • How to engage more female contributors in Open Source Projects

Emerging Technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • DevOps with AI
  • Deep Learning
  • AR & VR
  • Big Data
  • Distributed systems
  • Open Source DevOps

We are also interested in other topics related to Free/Libre and Open Source Software which are not listed above.

There will be an opportunity for speakers and GNOME Foundation members to request sponsorship by the GNOME Foundation. Please submit applications to the GNOME Travel Committee .

A standard session will be scheduled for 45 mins (35 mins talk + 10 mins Q&A). The session could be a technical talk, panel discussion, or BOF. If you need more time or additional resources, feel free to get in touch with the organizing team.

For those who would like to participate but are not sure if they’d like to do a full talk, we have shorter lightning talks. These are a 10 minutes presentation to demonstrate your work or promote an interesting topic. These talks will be grouped together in a single session.

Please provide a short abstract of your proposal (under 150 words). Include your name, biographical information, a photo suitable for the web, a title, and a description of your presentation. The reviewing team will evaluate the entries based on the submitted abstracts and available time by following the schedule.

Submission deadline: 2018-05-25
Confirmation of paper acceptance: 2018-06-01 until 2018-06-05

All interested contributors are highly encouraged to send in talks.

The GNOME.Asia 2018 Team

*More information about GNOME Asia Summit 2018 is available at:

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Android 開源專案

我們將組織邀請在國內成立之新興 Android 開源專案代表,分享其在開源專案的開發與使用經驗以及技術交流,進而連結社群開發能量,展現台灣開源創新的堅強實力。

【徵選條件 / Selection Criteria】
本議題誠摯邀請 Android 開源專案的專家一同共襄盛舉,分享其開源貢獻經驗與技術探討。議題內容包含如下,但不僅限於此。

  1. Android Framework
  2. Android_x86
  3. Android_Container
  4. Android Open Source Project
  5. Android Application

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Arch Linux Taiwan & Archers

Arch 臺灣社群秉持著精簡至上的哲學,提供自由、開放的環境,希望能夠集結臺灣各地的 Archer 分享您的經驗、見解和作品。不分版本(衍生發行版),沒有國界,Arch Linux 相關內容都歡迎投稿。若您還沒想好該投什麼好,歡迎至我們的 Gitter ( ) 或 Telegram ( ) 一同討論,讓我們一起來招喚隱藏的 Archers 、壯大 Arch Linux 吧!

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In the Blockchain Track we are interested in discussing the scalability, security and privacy of the blockchain as well as use of blockchain technology in FOSS projects.

We are looking for topics that

  • Show ideas how to improve the scalability of ethereum and other blockchain platforms
  • Discuss the security and privacy in blockchains
  • Show how blockchain technology is used to further the ideals and goals of the Free Software and Open Source community.
  • Show applications of blockchain technology to the wider social good (social projects using blockchain).

All submissions must be about projects that are Free Software and Open Source.

區塊鏈為時下流行的技術,各種千奇百怪的區塊鏈專案不外乎都是為了能夠解決 1. 每秒交易量 2. 隱私 3. 去中心化執行環境 4. 共識演算法 … 等等議題。每個議題又各自都有五花八門的派系宗流。

在 Blockchain 這一軌議程裡,我們將針對這些屬於區塊鏈系統的問題加以探討。歡迎有興趣或是想要秀一下的各路好手投稿。

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Data Science Playground

目前資料科學正流行,我們結合三個社群的力量:Taiwan R-User Group, R-Ladies Taipei and Azure Taiwan,希望可以引領有興趣的人得以敲門

只要是 針對資料科學或是雲端開源有興趣與研究的人都歡迎來投稿噢,我們社群也會提供不同方面的議題一起來探討

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Drupal 的一生、網站的醫生

Drupal Taiwan 社群活動來囉!今年 DT 社群參加了 COSCUP 2018 的活動,主題為:「Drupal 的一生,網站的醫生」。如果你/妳用 Drupal 解決了公司、單位或組織營運的問題,或用 Drupal 做了什麼不得了的應用,都歡迎你/妳來投稿,將你的經驗分享給社群知道。

為了響應我們今年【網站醫生】的主題,所有的徵稿議題,請以「問題——解決方案」的形式來徵稿。例如:「老闆叫我三天建立公司的公文流程,怎麼可能啦—— workflow 一針解決」。

我們預計徵求半天六個場次的講題,每場次 25 分鐘。DT社群期待眾講者的投稿,我們 8/11-12 不見不散!

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FOSS Compliance - Complex Made Simple

Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) Compliance is a concept that users of FOSS comply with the license terms when making use of FOSS. For a company or a big organization the process of complying FOSS license terms may contain many phases and aspects: policy making, training courses planning, review process discussing, FOSS committee organising, etc. Therefore, any topic related to this concept and the process is welcome. If you have a real case to share, even if it’s an unsuccessful one, we will be more than happy to see your submission.

Duration of each slot in this track is 30-60 min, except panel. You can plan how long you would like to present, and we will try to arrange it. But the duration of submitted talk could also be changed if needed.

This track will be presented either in English or Chinese. You can decide in which language you will present your talk.

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Internet Governance and Digital Privacy / 網路治理與數位隱私

In last year, the spreading of fake news on SNS, Facebook Cambridge Analytica incident, the FCC Net Neutrality Repeal, and stronger online regulation from many Governments, all raising people’s awareness and requirement of better Internet Governance and stronger Digital Privacy protection.

European GDPR will take effect in May; many countries are requesting internet giants to control fake news; and people are asking Facebook to make its timeline algorithm transparent and enforce privacy, through #DeleteFacebook campaign.

Free and Open Source Movement is the base of free society, the goal is to prevent social progress from the limit of technology and legal, it could not bypass of the trend of strengthening Democracy and protect digital Human Rights online.

In the past, we had discussed Software Patent, Data Freedom, Censorship. This year, we want to focus on these topics around Digital Human Right, that may affecting, helping or blocking the FLOSS movements.

The submission can include one or multiple topics below and MUST relate to FLOSS. It can be talk, forum or workshop, length in 40 mins (regular session) or 10 mins (lightning talk).

近來社群網站的假新聞、FB 劍橋分析事件、美國退回網路中立規則、多國強化干預網路言論,令社會大眾掀起一波增進網路隱私、強化網路治理的訴求。在政府方面,歐盟自五月開始執行影響範圍遍及全球的 GDPR 規則,各國陸續要求網路巨擎管控虛假言論;在民間,各國民眾則透過 #DeleteFacebook,要求社群網站遏止假消息,並讓其演算法調控透明化。

在此風潮之下,FOSS 界也無法置身事外。自由軟體運動是自由社會的基石,其目的是想要解放科技對人們的限制,避免法律政策與專有技術妨礙社會進步。過去我們曾討論軟體專利、資料自由與大規模監控。在網路已經成為基本資源的時代,今年我們則將著眼於下列與數位人權的相關議題,討論其帶給自由軟體運動傳播與發展的助力與阻力。

投稿稿件可包含以下一或數項主題,內容務必與自由軟體運動相關。可採演講、座談、工作坊形式,40 分鐘(一般議程)或 10 分鐘(閃電講)長度。如有不清楚之處,歡迎來信詢問:

  • 網路治理 Internet Governance
  • 歐盟一般資料保護規範 GDPR
  • 網路隱私 Internet Privacy
  • 被遺忘權 Right To Be Forgotten
  • 資料落地 Data Localization
  • 資料可攜 Data Portability
  • 數位國界 Borders In Cyberspace
  • 網路中立性 Net Neutrality
  • 數位人權 Digital Rights
  • 演算法倫理 Algorithmic Ethics
  • 去中心化 Decentralised Internet
  • 設計著手保護隱私 Privacy by Design
  • 預設隱私保護 Privacy By Default
  • 公眾參與 Public participation
  • 開放標準 Open Standard

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Julia Language

與 Julia 語言相關即可。例如,專案當中的部分或是全部有使用 Julia 語言,介紹 Julia 相關套件或是語言特性…等等。

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Kernel & Coding Serfs & System

In the track, we introduce topics about Linux kernel, system performance, and research topics about software system.
包括 Linux Kernel、System Performance 及深度軟硬體鑽研相關主題。

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Let’s read the source code / 帶您讀源碼


In COSCUP, the most known event of F/OSS in Taiwan, do you think that “source code” is lesser shown, discussed than other topics?

Do you want to share something interesting in the source code of your own or contributed F/OSS projects?

Do you want to share amazing experiences about analyzing, tracing the source code?

Do you want to share the code iteration, refactoring experience of your own or contributed F/OSS projects, to attract people to start doing F/OSS contribution?

This year, we have a shiny new track “Let’s read the source code” which is calling for papers!

Welcome to share the following topics:

  • Discussion about workflow, architecture, code iteration, principle or algorithm at source code aspect of F/OSS projects
  • Experience about tracing or analyzing source code of F/OSS projects
  • Introduction of source code tracing tools (would be great if they are F/OSS)


您是否覺得在 COSCUP 這個臺灣的 F/OSS 年度盛會當中,主角之一 “source code” 反而佔不到什麼版面?大家都在談 Open Source,但是好像沒什麼人在意那個 “Source”?



您希望藉由分享自己參與的開源專案程式碼迭代歷程,吸引更多不知如何入門的潛在貢獻者加入 F/OSS 的行列?



  • 開放原始碼專案在「原始碼」層面的「流程運作」、「架構組成」、「迭代歷程」、「運作原理」、「關鍵程式碼」、「關鍵演算法」探討
  • 開放原始碼專案原始碼追蹤分析「心得經驗」分享
  • 開放原始碼專案原始碼追蹤分析「相關輔助工具」(←採用開源授權者為佳)的介紹

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Make Technology Policies Open / 科技社群如何參與科技政策規劃? 你真的需要搞一個政黨出來嗎?

Governments are big and slow to change; tech communities are vibrant and swift to move. Normally the two don’t intersect. But as technologies move forward ever faster in the current era, governments are often outpaced. The resulting policies often lag behind, and this can have a huge impact on communities and the society. How can we change this?

This is a workshop for technologists interested in technology governance. Together we will review the current policy-making process, ask questions, and re-imagine a more open and responsible model for participation. Can we adapt open source collaboration models to co-design technology policies?

Any proposals on workshop design are welcomed.


這個 workshop 的主題是科技政策。我們將討論現行的政策規劃流程、提出問題,並實地演練可能的流程改善方式。有沒有可能把開源模式運用到政策制訂上,讓社群與政府一起設計我們的未來呢?


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Open Source Database

Open Source Database (OSD) Track is a platform for all the IT professionals that engaging in developing /implementing open source databases, and the affiliated solutions to share their results to the audience. We also welcome anyone who know open source database trend/development well to share their insights to the eco-system. This is also a right place for OSD end users to share their experience and finds.

開源資料庫系列(OSD Track)歡迎從事各種開源資料庫及相關解決方案開發、建置的先進,以及對開源資料庫的生態發展有見解的專家為會衆們分享您的成果和經驗, 也非常歡迎開源資料庫的使用者分享您的使用心得。


演講內容應著重在開源資料庫及其相關的解決方案的議題.如果您有興趣分非開源的產品或方案的訊息,歡迎您和 COSCUP 的贊助組洽詢贊助商演講。

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Open GIS

國際上開源 GIS 的發展相當蓬勃,資訊的傳播與人員交流相當密切,但在台灣相關倡議組織和活動能量相對較低,往往需要依靠國外資源挹注,像是英文資訊中文化。因此趁著每年台灣最大的開源大會 COSCUP,爭取更多 GIS 資訊曝光,各路 GIS 好手分享他們做的事情,增加台灣社群的活躍度。

Open GIS 徵求與開源 GIS 相關的講題,分為下列三個領域:
OpenStreetMap 開放街圖,或是群眾參與的地理繪製計畫相關議題
開源的 GIS 軟體,如 QGIS 介紹、教學操作


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Open Source Farm Innovation

Open Hack Farm is a community making Open-Source software / hardware in agriculture.

Now, we are calling on you for proposals for the Open Source Farm Innovation track at COSCUP 2018. We have some broad topics on smart farming to improve farm returns and enhancing the environment, including but not limited to:

  • Open Data
  • Data Analysis / Data Visualization
  • IoT
  • CV
  • Machine Learning
  • Agricultural Machinery

大家好,我們是 Open Hack Farm 開放農業實驗基地。面對農業生產銷售困境與工業發展後不斷減少的土地以及農村衰退,我們希望透過開源及共享精神來改善糧食生產及友善環境,讓開放創新能量帶來新的生活復興,歡迎熱愛陽光、共同站在土地上的碼農們一起來投稿、參與議程。

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Open Source Software Development & Management



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Your topic should be related to the Ruby programming language; the workshop of any Ruby related open source project is also welcome. / 不限類型,和 Ruby 程式語言有關即可,也歡迎召集和 Ruby 語言相關的開源軟體的工作坊

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SDN x Cloud Native

「SDN x Cloud Native」議程軌是由 CNTUG、SDNDS.TW、DOHC(DigitalOcean Hsinchu)與 Golang.TW 共同提出,因此本議程軌希望接受以下方向的投稿議題:

  • SDN 相關技術(如 CORD)。
  • Cloud Native 相關技術(以 CNCF 專案為主,如 Kubernetes)。
  • OpenStack/Virtualization(近期版本 OpenStack 與虛擬化技術的開發、使用經驗)。
  • 與 Cloud Native 專案相關的 Go 語言開發經驗。
  • 與 Cloud Native 專案相關的 DevOps tools 技術分享或開發經驗。


  • 深入技術的探討、開發與整合
  • 開源專案貢獻經驗的分享與交流

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